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              According to a recent survey, George W. Bush is second only to Richard Nixon is lowest approval rating ever. Bush doesn’t have a Watergate, so obviously there are other reasons for the continual sharp decline in popular support for the president. I guess questions bush1.gifthat have yet to be answered help puncture the approval of the Bush administration. When will we leave the shattered and torn country of Iraq? When will Bush realize that you can’t force people into democracy through the barrel of a gun? When will American soldiers stop dying overseas? When will Bush admit he lied about the WMD’s? When will the U.S. health care system provide sufficent and affordable care for ALL Americans? When will the government put more effort to limit fossil fuel addiction? When will Bush face the reality he has created for America? Not since Mr. Nixon have the approval ratings plunged for such an extended time, with so many Americans disgusted and dissatisfied with the decisions of an American president. I hope the 2008 elections brings someone who has the ability to rebuild our country from the ground up. America needs a change.


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