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                      The slow rasp of the swamp cooler drizzles its way down the hall. Flowing briskly through the air ducts, streams of uncilled air lace the house where I dwell. With two fans and an open window, mother nature still has one up over the swamp cooler. As monsoon season in Arizona has been raging, those without the luxury of air conditioning have been left to bask in the musty suffocation of humidity. With Arizona’s monsoon season in full swing, the air is moist, heavy, thick and highly discomforting. The heavy amounts of rain allow water to be trapped in the air, as if the miserably hot sun wasn’t menacing enough.

                      For the fortunate souls with air conditioning, Arizona’s stormy season is no problem. But the swamp cooler goonies are left with nothing but a useless pad and steamy air. Yes, you heard right, the all famed swamp cooler is all but a useless box when the air is humid, providing no use except for the soothing sound of a fan. Oh how I have longed for the comfort of AC, wishing the serene air waves of the automobile world would thrust their chilled hands into my abode. The evercool atmosphere, relaxing chill, and sweet bliss of cooling power that rests in the homes of so many. The ultimate foe to weather, air conditioning laughs in the face of monsoons and steals humidity’s lunchmoney. Oh yes humid cretin, there exists one stronger than your powers of heat! I just don’t own it yet!

                      In any event, I lie dormant, melancholy, bathing in sweat, waiting for the humidity to retract its shadow. I can only wait until the weather changes and swamp cooler has the upper hand, saving money and energy over air conditioning! Oh but how I must wait, how I must toil inside, my humid inside. I guess I will just stick with my fans for now.


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