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               It seemed only fitting that Barry Bonds would hit number 756 at home, a place where he is accepted. A monstrous crowd gathered last night in San Francisco, exchanging their tickets for a chance to witness history being made. For those who attended; they were not disappointed. The atmosphere could not have been more inviting to Bonds, who grew up down the street from the park itself. Like a family that never ends, thousands of Bonds supporters cheered while very few jeered throughout the game. The moment of destiny would come in the 5th inning on a full count pitch from Mike Bacsik, as numerous chants of BARRY, BARRY, BARRY erupted from the crowd. When the curveball was delivered Bonds new it, stretching his arms in glory at home plate and beginning a trip around the bases like no other.

            A surprise video from Hank Aaron capped off Bond’s night, flooring the expectations of everyone in the ballpark. Although the Hammer had made a statement by keeping quiet about the record, he definitely showed some respect and class to make his presence known. If anything the moment was a bit surreal to Bonds, filled with a slew of emotions and energy. As he trotted his way towards home, Barry threw his arms toward the sky and thanked his Dad for always being there, clearly on the verge of tears. It was a historic night in baseball no doubt, the shattering of a record that stood for over 33 years is quite an accomplishment. But of course there is another side to the story.

            The saga of Barry Bonds has always been similiar to a coin, two sided. While many praise Bonds for his triumphant accomplishment, others slander his image and point to steroid abuse as the true culprit behind the hitter. Bonds has always been under a watchful eye from the steroid bandits, but snapping the record for most home runs in baseball history has “injected” new life into the controversy. Many claim that the facts don’t lie, citing statistics that show a clear increase in home runes from one season to another. Bonds had also been known to beef up significantly in a very short time, although he has consistently dismissed this as simply due to a stronger training regiment and earlier weight lifting. Barry is the only one that knows for sure.

          Whatever the truth really is behind the cameras, media and national acclaim, one thing does not change. Barry Bonds has broken one of the most prestegious records in baseball history and sports in general. Rampant roid user or misunderstood victim of the press, he still deserves some form of recognition.

Bonds Hits Number 756


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