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         The dramatic prairie dog video has taken the internet by storm, with millions upon millions of views to its name on YouTube. The cult of the dramatic rodent has lead to t-shirts, key chains, and a myriad of other rodent related items. As with any other internet famed video, numerous spinoffs has formed as a result. Some intriguing, some hilarious, others just plain weird. In any event, it seems that the creativity will never end as long as the prairie dog rules the net. Here I invite you to enjoy these wholly entertaining, alternate versions of one of the internet’s latest sensations.

The original dramatic prairie dog.

Kill Bill style.

Kill Bill style version 2.

James Bond edition.

Dr. Evil remake.

Dr. Evil version 2. 

Curses! foiled again.

And the Oscar goes to…

Prairie Dog drug bust.

Caught in the act.

My personal favorite: unedited edition.

Oh rly? Yeah rly.

Caught red-handed.

Someone in this room… 

Star Wars remix.

Drugged out version.

The Shining recut.

300  recut.

Dick Cheney remix.

Watcha talkin bout Willis?

Katana slip remix.

80’s remix.

Busted for pirating.

Dramtatic prairie dog meets the Titanic.

Darth Vader remix.

Zoolander edition.

Terminator edition.

Hitler a la prairie dog.

Anime theme show edition.

Guitar hero star remix.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog homage.

Could it be Satan?!

Chipmunkzilla unleashing destruction!

Blame the prairie dog.

I’m Batman.

Now even he’s got an iphone.



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                         Picture this scenario. You are from Queens, New York on a trip with a friend, and are on your way to Australia. On your way there, you decide to just drop by AT&T Park in San Francisco to catch a quick came. You and your friend purchase $13 dollar tickets and take a seat in left center amongst other bleacher goers. In the 5th inning, you catch one of the most memorable moments in history, seconds later, you catch the ball as well.

                          As home run ball number 756 sliced the San Francisco air, dead silence broke over the center field bleachers. Pummeling down into the mass, the ball was engulfed within a sworm of diehard Giants fans, and Matt Murphy. After encompassing the ball with his body and repeling attacks and scrapes, Murphy was proudly escorted by multiple security guards away from the warzone. Tatterted and raising his arms in victory, Murphy came out on top in the battle to take home history. Surving cuts, bruises, and even losing his shoe, Murphy walked away with the prize.

              Estimates put the price of the piece of cowhide at anywhere between 500,000 and 1 million dollars. Not bad for someone just stopping by on their way to Australia. Murphy declined to associate with the press regarding his historic capture of the ball. Bonds was later asked his thoughts concerning the ball, “I just hope he didn’t get hurt,” he said,

“I don’t want the ball, I’ve never believed a home run ball belonged to the player. If he caught it, it’s his.”

Matt Murphy Being Escorted

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