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          No matter where you look, history has been filled with secrets. Codes, hidden messages, and cryptograms have appeared in every nation and in nearly every situation. Utilized by the world’s greatest leaders to fool the enemy, and some of the most notorious criminals of all time, ciphers have proved to be both helpful and infamously frustrating in a society full of secrets. No one likes the feeling of the unknown; the idea of a hidden meaning challenges us to think outside of the box, bend the rules if we want to know the truth. When the truth isn’t in plain sight it can be easy to get discouraged. With multiple types of encryption and heightened complexity, technology has only aided in the various ways ciphers can be implemented to serve their purpose. Modern and classical encyrption are just the tip of the iceberg in contemporary standards, and people are consistently fascinated by the intricacies utilized to hide something so simple. Codebreaking forces us to see things in a different light; to analyze and interpret patterns, similarities and subtle nuances that hide a deeper truth just below the surface.


          For centuries, similar codebreaking techniques have aided troops during World War II, helped unmask serial killers and solve the daily puzzle in the New York Times.  It has been through the art of encryption that deadly secrets have been kept away from corrupted hands, and enemies have been brought to the floor. For years The Zodiac Killer stalked California and the people who lived there. But besides sending a message of hate, he also sent a multitude of ciphers. Clever and many times intricately difficult, many of them have yet to be solved. Although simple in theory, the Zodiac’s ciphers are part of an entirely different dimension of encryption: psychological manipulation.


         Everyone likes a surprise; discovering something they did not know existed, something only they know about. Ciphers and codes offer the surprise factor, but they can also offer something else. As in the case of the Zodiac, they offer a psychological threat. Not knowing the statements of a mass murderer or any threat to security can eat away at the mind of even the highest government official. Always wondering, never ceasing to contemplate the possible implications of the undecoded message of “terror.” Of course the message could be nothing more than a knock knock joke, but that is where the beauty lies. It is this undeniable sense of mystery and myriad of POSSIBLE implications that make ciphers so powerful and mentally enthralling.

          Ciphers can offer manipulation, unintentional influence and even intentional distraction. Although one mere example, the saga of The Zodiac represents a crystal clear example of not only the psychological implications of ciphers, but their ability to distract from the obvious answer at hand. (allowing the Zodiac to continually evade police with little or no effort.)

          Everything serves some purpose and intention within society. Ciphers and undecoded tranfers of data can be Satan’s helper or the savior of an entire military operation. The art of encryption is neverending, always evolving, and continaully changing with each new generation and the technology that comes along with it.

         Very informative site on the subject of encryption: http://www.vectorsite.net/ttcode.html


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