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       After days of scouring the net I finally found a stream for the 18 minute epic ‘Ordinary People.’ Neil fans rejoice, another classic has been born:


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            The track listing for Neil Young’s latest album has finally arrived, and it looks promising. Including a whopping 18 minute rendition of  the legendary “Ordinary People”, the album looks extremely interesting. Boasting 3 old tunes and 7 completely new numbers, Chrome Dreams II may be one of Neil’s most unique albums to date. In a recent interview, Young was quoted as saying this latest project is more like After the Goldrush or Freedom than any of his other albums. He talked about its level of variation and “mix” of multiple different facets that work together to create one message. We may only speculate at this point as to just how unique sounding it will be.

           According to online sources, “Ordinary People” will be released as the album’s first single this coming monday. This is great news for old Neil Young fans, considering the hype and sheer power this song posseses. Played numerous times throughtout Neil’s 1980s tour with the Blue Notes, “Ordinary People” has long been thought of as the best unreleased song Neil ever played. A timely tale of the average toiler, Neil has made comments concerning the place of the song in modern times. “Some songs, like ‘Ordinary People,’ need to wait for the right time. I think now is the right time for that song and it lives well with the new songs I have written in the past few months. I had a blast making this music,” he said. 

          The entire album itself is slated for release in early October, and will include bonus material as well.

  • 1. Beautiful Bluebird 3:30
  • 2. Boxcar 3:15
  • 3. Ordinary People 18:13
  • 4. Shining Light 4:33
  • 5. The Believer 2:38
  • 6. Spirit Road 5:01
  • 7. Dirty Old Man 2:52
  • 8. Ever After 3:32
  • 9. No Hidden Path 11:31
  • 10. The Way 5:15

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            So as I was roaming the Neil Young boards I noticed a recent bulletin. Apparently someone claims to have 3 songs from Young’s newest Chrome Dreams II album. I followed the link and listened to the tunes. I smell a rat here. Vocally it sounds far from Neil. The lyrics mention multiple religious themes that just don’t seem to fit. To me it seems like someone was trying a bit too hard to replicate the godfather of grunge. Now that’s not to say that these tracks are WITH 100 PERCENT CERTAINTY fake. But it seems that if anything, these are merely AMAZING copies of Neil Young. Maybe they are real, but in my opinion it seems a little too good to be true. I will provide the link below so you can listen yourself and see what you think.

(Note: track 2 seems to be the smoking gun in my eyes that destroys any chance of them being real. It just sounds almost nothing like Neil.)


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                      If you take a trip to Bob Dylan’s site, there is no doubt that you will notice the gigantic in-your-face red and black banner on the homepage. bob_dylan1.jpgThe banner has information regarding a new 3-cd retrospective set of music he will be releasing on October 1st 2007. The collection will feature a collection of songs across 3 CD’s that span his career from his self titled debut to the recent Modern Times. Apparently the tracks will also be selected heavily based on fan letters to his website. There is also a new section of his site that allows anyone who wants to voice their “Dylan story” to do so. So if you have a particular story to tell Dylan about regarding his music let him know and maybe you will see it make an appearance on the new album. Bob Dylan already has multiple other greatest hits-esque albums, so I am interested to see what sets this new one apart. I would expect to see a large booklet of pictures or maybe even a DVD edition in the future, but we will have to wait and see.

Bob Dylan

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