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            So as I was roaming the Neil Young boards I noticed a recent bulletin. Apparently someone claims to have 3 songs from Young’s newest Chrome Dreams II album. I followed the link and listened to the tunes. I smell a rat here. Vocally it sounds far from Neil. The lyrics mention multiple religious themes that just don’t seem to fit. To me it seems like someone was trying a bit too hard to replicate the godfather of grunge. Now that’s not to say that these tracks are WITH 100 PERCENT CERTAINTY fake. But it seems that if anything, these are merely AMAZING copies of Neil Young. Maybe they are real, but in my opinion it seems a little too good to be true. I will provide the link below so you can listen yourself and see what you think.

(Note: track 2 seems to be the smoking gun in my eyes that destroys any chance of them being real. It just sounds almost nothing like Neil.)



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