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       On Nintendo’s Japanese website, a “how to play” video for SSB Brawl has leaked important information to the smash community. Although the video has been edited since, it originally displayed a brief segment about sticker power-ups, with three new characters icons on the white bar at the bottom of the screen. These three characters are Jigglypuff, Lucario and Ness. Fans of Ness and Jigglypuff may rejoice to see their favorites return in Brawl. Lucario may well be the replacement Pokemon for Mewtwo. Check out the screenshots below:

Here’s the orginal unedited Japanese video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfb2l-iYlRo&eurl=http://brawlcentral.com/


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Lack Of Sleep Deadly?

           I recently read a news article recently that drew some shocking conclusions that any person may want to know about. Apparently a new study indicates that those who sleep 5 hours or less are twice as likely to die of heart disease. A 17 year study of more than 10,000 workers showed that getting around 7 hours of sleep is optimal, while over or under this number can have hazardous affects. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night has consistently been linked to high blood pressure, and greater risk of cardiovascular disease as well. Many point to the trend of busy lifestyles and tremendous work routines as a primary cause of lack of sleep.

           On the flip side of the coin, getting 9 or more hours of sleep is also thought to have negative consequences. According to a previous study, those who slept well over 9 hours a night also had a much higher mortality rate.

           I guess keeping a consistent 7 hours a night is the way to go.

           With loaded work schedules, rising gas prices and food bills skyrocketing, it’s no wonder people are failing to get enough sleep. The scary part about this study lies in the fact that so many people fall into the category of 5 hours of sleep or less. It is not uncommon for 5 out of 10 people in a room to not sleep nearly enough, while exposing themselves to high risk of heart problems in the future. Who knew that not sleeping enough could have the same affect on your blood pressure as candy or a sugar-filled can of soda? I for one enjoy sleeping, especially for 7 or 8 hours at a time. No one likes to be a groggy, coffee addicted zombie in the morning anyway, so why not just get some sleep? There’s always counting sheep right?

(stats and findings from: Lack of Sleep May Be Deadly, Research Shows By Ben Hirschler )

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           Apple recently rolled out a slew of updated mp3 players for this holiday season, as well as a massive $200 price drop on the ever popular iPhone.

           The iPod Shuffle has been reinvented with a myriad of new colors. Still sporting a snazzy clip and ultra tiny design, the new shuffle holds up to 240 songs for just under $80.

           Up next is the new version of the most popular music player in history: the iPod Nano. According to Steve Jobs, the iPod Nano is the world’s most popular mp3 player, and the biggest selling product in the lineup. But customers continued to voice concern over the years, particulary harping at Apple to put video capabilities on the nano. Well fans of a video nano don’t have to wait any longer. The new ipod nano for this holiday season sports new colors, a totally new all stainless steel design, and the sharpest video screen Apple has ever put into an ipod. The new nano has full video playback, coverflow, and a brand new enhanced interface for music playback. A super sleek 6.5mm thick, the newly designed nano is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The new iPod Nano comes in both 4gb and 8gb models, reasonably priced at $149 and $199 respectively.

           Apple iPod nano (3G), actual size

           Next in line comes the original iPod that we all know and love. The king of mp3, sultan of sound and icon of the music player universe has not been left in the dust. This time around Apple has decided to not just change the appearance, but the name of their device as well. Instead of simply the iPod, the newly designed ipod will be dubbed the iPod Classic. The new iPod Classic features the same all stainless steel design as the nano, better battery life, an enhanced interface and a much sleeker design than ever before. Thinner and more affordable than its predecessor, the iPod Classic still has all the music, videos and photo features you have come to know and love. The iPod Classic will come in both an 80gb version and whopping 160gb version. That’s right, you can hold nearly 40,000 songs with 160gb of pure music bliss. The new iPod Classic starts at $249 for the 80gb model, and $349 for the massive 160gb version.


          Last but not least comes a completely new device from the minds at Apple. The stylish iPod Touch will also be featured amongst the crowd of redesigned music players. A cross breed between the iPhone and normal iPod, the iPod Touch features all the touch sensitive controls of the iphone, but for a cheaper price. Complete with a huge screen, touch sensitive interface, and wifi capabilities, the iPod Touch definitely stands out. The iPod Touch comes in two models, an 8gb model for $299 and a 16gb model for $399. Although a bit pricy, the iPod Touch may prove to be just the right device for those who don’t need an iphone but still dig the unique control scheme and amazing screen quality.

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             7 guaranteed scenarios that will kill a football player. Exposes the brutal conditions and ridiculous circumstances that have lead to many football player’s deaths.



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         Interesting story about a robber who mistakingly shot his accomplice in the eye while attempting to steal.



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          Bizarre news story about an Oregon man who took out his anger on his ex-girfriend’s feline. What a way to end a relationship.


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           CNN video interview with a man who’s job it is to be crucified and resurrected 6 days a week, what a bizarre job:


Painting of Jesus

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