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             If you pay any attention to the gaming industry, chances are you have heard of Spore. Lead designer Will Wright has been in the process of crafting the revolutionary Spore for nearly 5 years. A huge peak of anticipation has begun to form as gamers wait for Spore to finally be released. What’s all the hype about you ask? Well Spore pushes the boundaries of what a game should be, can be, or will be in the future.

            Will Wright has never made games that are generic, normal or even close to anything else on the market. His last groundbreaking success, The Sims speaks for itself in terms of pure genius and a revolution in the types of video games we play. SporeWright has always looked for something more, something deeper to understand through playing video games, a kind of out of the box experience. This idea of “organic” video games in where Spore sets itself apart in the video game universe. Wright has made a world of complete mystery until it is explored. No person will see it the same way, create the same species, or end up in the same position. In a way, it’s alive.

            The mindset behind Spore has a clear purpose: allowing players to discover things on their own, not be showed them. Nothing in Spore is revealed automatically, nothing is clear and nothing is certain until you find out. Wright holds a firm belief in the power of exploration and the imagination. As he calls it an “imagination amplifier,” Spore is much more than just a toy or a video game; it is an opportunity for discovery.               

           Unlike any other game ever dreamed of, Spore allows you to create life. From single-celled amoebas to alien inhabitants, you decide how your world develops. Between clashing species, eating, staying warm and reproducing; every aspect of the stages of evolution can be modified. If fail to monitor the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it will turn into a fiery hell. (A scary possibility of our future I might add) If you flood the earth, you will have a modern day water world, and if you take care of it your world will thrive. Anything you think of can be implemented with Wright’s in game editor. You control your world and the inhabitants that live there. The game’s visuals look stunning, and Wright has created one of the most unique games I have seen in decades. With online play implemented as well, Spore’s world will eventually be created by the player themselves. Species, worlds and the environment will eventually be all player made.

           The ability to see the future of your world is key to Wright’s purpose behind the Spore. Seeing 50 or 100 years into the future is hard for most people to grasp, but Spore allows the player to actually live it. As Wright calls it “reprogramming your intuition;” resetting our minds to interpret changes in our world on a long term scale. Wright sees nearly all the problems in our world as stemming from the failure to have long term thinking, and instead only short term guessing. This, he says, is why video games have the potential to change the world. By refocusing our minds and retraining our intuition to think differently.

            Although the game has yet to be officially released, Spore may prove to be a truly revolutionary experience. Simple, yet strikingly innovative, the game screams to be unique and provide a fresh creative experience.

            After all, Nothing is more fun that feeding your imagination.




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